1″ Full Port Manifold Flow Meter

Family: Manifold Flange Connections
Type: Flow Meters
Style: No Style
Size: 1″
Weight 2.75 lbs

±1% of reading (between 10% and 100% of maximum flow)
±3% of reading (between cutoff and 10% of maximum flow)
Displays overall total volume — batch total volume!
Easy to change six (6) AA batteries.
Flow rate allows for Gallons or Liters Per Minute.
Glass-reinforced polypropylene.
Measures water and most conductive liquids. Will not read petroleum based liquids.
No moving parts to fail during use.
Self calibrating meter.
Temperature range from 0º — to 150º F.
Maximum operating pressure 200 PSI.
The display reads — digits for Rate, — digits for Total and — decimal place reading in tenths.
There are 3 photoeyes located on the face of the flowmeter. Note: These are not push buttons, to activate you must hold your finger over the photoeye for 2-4 Seconds.
It is recommended to have at least 10X the diameter of straight pipe before and after the flow meter.