Arland Expert + Sprayers

Tank Capacity (L) 3600-4200
Actual tank capacity (L)3850-4480
Rinse tank capacity (L) 450
Empty weight (kg) 3500-4500
Adjustable track (m) 1.80 to 2.25
Ring-axle length 4.90
Overall height (m) 3.20 to 3.60
Pump Type PM350 or PM400
Boom widths (m) 24 to 38

The Expert+ is the best-selling model in the ARLAND range of trailed sprayers. This core range, highly appreciated for its sturdiness and high technology, is a sprayer that is easy to use.

Centralized valve panel on the induction unit side
Incorporator: 40L mounted on a stainless steel parallelogram with can rinse and rinsing nozzles for the tank
Filtration: main suction filter + a pressure filter + a bowl filter per boom section in standard circulation (only 1 filter in continuous circulation)
5m filling hose with strainer
External discharge with Cam lock connection

Aluminum booms:

ALS: from 18 to 28m
TR4: from 24 to 30m
RC3: from 27 to 32m
RA3: from 33 to 38m