Choose between 30W and 10W lights
Up to 12 hours of autonomy

Charging time: Between 6 and 8 hours (A red light in the centre of the projector will indicate the correct detection of the brightness of the solar panel and thus its effective recharge)

Recommended mounting height: Between 3 and 6 meters

Polycrystalline solar panel Operating

temperature: -30 ° + 60 °

Lithium-Ion battery (3.7V)

Cable length between the projector and the panel: 4.85M

Solar panel dimensions: 350x350mm

LED projector dimension: 182x223x112mm

Modes :

– OFF / OFF: manual mode

– Automatic mode: Turns on when it is dark / Turns off as soon as it detects light
– Timer mode: As soon as it is dark, the lighting will be activated for 3 hours, 5 hours or 8 hours.

Important: Your projector will turn on automatically when it is dark. To turn it off, please turn it off using the remote control (OFF) or use the timer program so that it turns off automatically after 3.5 or 8 hours. Without any action on your part, your projector will turn off when it detects light.

Packaging: Color box
Package: 1