Arland Expert XL Sprayers

Tank Capacity (L) 5200-6000
Actual tank capacity (L)5500-6360
Rinse tank capacity (L) 660
Empty weight (kg) 4500-5300
Adjustable track (m) 2.00 to 2.25
Ring-axle length 5.60
Overall height (m) 3.20 to 3.60
Pump Type PM350 OR PM400
Boom widths (m) 27 to 44

Type of tank: polyethylene
Gauge: direct reading float
Rinse tank: 660L with integrated gauge
Washbasin: 15L (incorporated into the valve panel)
Gyrowasher: double rinsing head
Agitation: hydraulic with distributor in tank

Type: Piston-diaphragms
Model: PM350 (350L/min with 2” Camelock fitting) or PM400 (400L/min with 3” Camelock fitting)

The electronic DPAE regulations that can be fitted to this range are of the can-bus type: GENIUS, GENIUS +, XENIUS or Isobus: T800 and T1200.