BLJ Boomless Nozzles


The new BLJ ( Boom Less Jet) nozzles are the smartest solution to increase the sprayer versatility,

targeting the spray into places not reachable by conventional systems.


Made of hardened stainless steel, it is designed and built to be extremely resistant to wear and impact.

It can be used for multiple applications such as full field spraying, to extend the working width of

the machine, or in proximity of orchards, trees, hedges, golf courses and wherever it is not possible

to approach the area to be treated with the machine.

BLJ is also the most practical solution to equip a small sprayers, mounted for example on an ATV or on the back of tractors, ensuring complete coverage and uniform spraying.

Available with threaded connection and with quick coupling, it can be easily used with manual, electric and pneumatic drives, offering the maximum installation flexibility.

Designed and manufactured in Italy
Easily configurable with mechanical, electrical and pneumatic activation.
High performance and requires no maintenance
Available in a complete range to meet every specific requirement