Chemical Storage Cabinet


Recommended for the storage of herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and other phytosanitary products – recommended for farmers, breeders, winemakers, landscapers, horticulturists…etc
Steel construction 7/10th, frame and doors.
Gray epoxy paint ral 7035 body and shelves
3 racks of rack retention ht 100mm
Retention tray in bottom ht 100mm
Single package per cabinet including body and shelves
Closure by handle + lock -article 4 of decree 87-361 of May 27 1987

Exterior dimensions:
H x L x D (mm) – 1800 x 916 x 422
Interior dimensions:
H x L x D (mm) – 1680 x 891 x 352

Stock Capacity (L): 200
Retention capacity (L): 80
Volume (m3): 0,7 / 0,5
Weight (kg): 55

Packaging: Bulk
Packing: 1