Evo NIR for self propelled feed mixer

Daily ration management contributes to:
Minimizing the amount of waste
Keep balanced and constant nutritional values for each ration
Providing always consistent rations means:
Increasing the amount of milk produced
Improving milk quality
Increasing the level of fat and protein in the milk
Providing nutritionists with remote access to the DTM™- Daily TMR Manager Software to constant monitoring the feeding process and take corrective actions when required:
Quick return on investments (On average, farmers have seen payback from their system in as little as six months)
Never wait for moisture tests or lab results
Never second -guess over- or under-feeding your animals
Have greater control over weather events

Using patented NIR technology and defined calibration curves based on your feedstuffs, the system
measures the dry matter content, crude protein, NDF, ADF, ash, fat,and starch and other nutrients in every
ration. Combined with the power of DTM (Daily TMR Manager) feeding software, producers across the
dairy belt using the FEEDScan are experiencing new levels of precision feeding, commodity management,
cow performance and profitability.
The system gives farmers complete control over their ration components.
Utilizing NIR technology, farmers can automatically adjust every TMR batch for Dry Matter in real time and
easily modify nutrient variations to match nutritionist recommendations.
Other feed management and weighing systems help farmers keep track of their ration formulas, refusals
and costs over time – but they do not allow them to make adjustments in real time with every mixer load.
The FEEDScan combined with Dinamica Generale precision feeding systems gives farmers the total package
of tools they need to feed a precise ration on every feedout. This helps farmers become more proactive,
more consistent and better managers.
• Never wait for moisture tests or lab results.
• Never second -guess over- or under-feeding your animals.
• Have greater control over weather events. By measuring Dry Matter and other nutrient content in
real time, farmers can:
o Decrease expensive ingredients in the ration
o Improve feed efficiency with stable feeding and minimized refusals
o Improved herd health
o Be financially rewarded by cutting costs and boosting production of milk, butterfat and
protein and weight gains

On average, farmers have seen payback from their system in as little as six months.