Evo NIR Forage Harvester Kit

Forage Harvester KIT (3 Calibrations – Green Grass – Green Maize – Green Alfalfa)

Fit all makes of forage harvesters
Real time nutrient analysis with average DM for each field/truck
Get higher prices for forages and hay being sold
Controlling nutrients during harvesting enables planning ahead specific actions (e.g. fertigation)
Measure the starch content of harvested material enables making predictions of gas production for biogas plants

Multilanguage menu and user messages
Users can set Customer, Farm and Field before analyses
Ingredient and nutrient management
Workforce control
3G wireless data exchange information from the FIELD Trace Cloud Software to the NIR On Board indicator and vice-versa
Trace all activities carried out in field:
NIR technology together with GPS grids permits to characterize fields more accurately. (Granularity concept)
NIR analysis are essential to apply variable-rate prescription of nutrients as well as the right amount of fertilizer in the right place at the right time