Evo NIR ON BOARD Analyzer

CA (Continuous Analysis)

The NIR On Board kit performs real time analysis of dry matter and nutrients on forage harvester, combine and forage wagon during harvesting. The NIR analyzer is installed on the tube where the material is continuously floating. Data are readable in real time on the display installed in the cabin and transferred to the Field Trace Software in Cloud

EvoNIR is a NIR Sensors that can be easily integrated into field-specific equipment as aftermarket
installation to measure and monitor the crop’s moisture and nutrients in real time with outstanding
The NIR systems enable to:
Define the real quality of grains & crop during harvesting
Increase profitability and cash flow: invoice on quality, not quantity
Calculate the right amount of inoculants to spray on bales
Precise application of plant nutrient balances in forage maize, grass, wheat (NIR on Slurry Tankers)
Reduce costs on mineral fertilizers and sampling costs (NIR on Slurry Tankers)

The EvoNIR sensor can be mounted on forage harvesters, combines, balers, forage wagons, slurry tankers,
compactors, feed mixers and portable in a carrying case.
On top of this, Dinamica Generale has developed a solution that will allow to use the analyzer all over the
year (not only during harvesting/slurry seasons): NIR Reverse. It is possible to disconnect the analyzer from
the machine and to use it as a portable analyzer. NIReverseTM is a portable NIR analyzer for forages and
grain that quantifies in few seconds the percentage of moisture, starch, crude protein, ADF, NDF, ash and
crude fat of analyzed materials.
The new Evo NIR sensor features multiple communication protocols for connecting the analyzer to Dinamica Generales’ indicators as well as all virtual terminals on the market.
The Evo NIR sensor can be seamlessly installed on different machines for analyzing and tracking the quality of crops, slurry, bales, up to the control of animal nutrition.

The Evo NIR Analyzer with ISOBUS protocol can be connected to any virtual terminal with built-in ISOBUS task controller
The Evo NIR Analyzer is also equipped with CANJ1939 protocol.
NIR Evolution Software: provided as standard with the purchase of Evo NIR analyzer enables:
initial verification of your NIR device.
keeping your analyzer always up-to-date (update of calibrations and firmware).
reliable predictions thanks to the constant alignment between your NIR analyzer and test lab
Evo NIR can be associated to the following Dinamica Generales’ indicators:
NIR On Board
Field Scale
DG8000-IC (available soon)
Virtual Terminals