Helium mounted sprayers are the latest addition to the ARLAND range.

This lightweight and compact mounted sprayer will perfectly match the mixed farming and all those who want to use low power tractors.

Tank capacities available: 800,1100 and 1300L, Rinsing tank 130L, Hand wash tank 10L
Tank Rinsing head 360 degree as standard
Boom widths: 15 and 18m in steel and 18,21 and 18m, 21m and 24m in aluminum Pommier booms
Choice of pumps PM140 (140L/MIN) PM170 (170L/MIN) PM200 (200 L/MIN)
Centralized valves located next to the induction hopper
40L induction hopper with telescopic drum rinsing and rinsing nozzle for the tank
Boom sections are fitted with online filters
Stainless steel piping as standard and can be fitted with monojets or trijets as an option

Machine regulation: DPME, DPAE bus-can technology
Controller: MODULO / GEMINI / GENIUS+ XENIUS / ISOBUS (T800 and T1200)

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