Electronic Control Unit compatible ISOBUS (ISO 11783 standard)

External Control Unit compatible ISOBUS (ISO 11783 standard).
Designed for Sprayer, Spreader and generic agricultural application.
Eliminates overlaps and reduces chemical usage assuring high protection at your crop. Ratio controller keeps constant and uniform chemical coverage on crop. Compensate speed variation regulating pressure in sprayer boom.

Ready to connect and operate through a virtual terminal a “slave” ECU for hydraulic cylinder

Multiple sensors connectivity;
2 flowmeteres, 4 ultrasonic sensors, and 2 pressure/ level sensors.
ISOBUS compatible;
Up to 16 section valves, main valve, and regulation valve;
Double Flowmeter;
3 CAN BUS communication ports;

ISOBUS is the term used to denote standard ISO 11783, “Tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry”.
It proposes a standard for the control system and man-machine interface for systems consisting of tractors and implements, such as spraying machines, wagons for the transportation of agricultural products, for fertilization, etc.
Before the introduction of ISOBUS, every implement was equipped with its own control monitor, which had to be positioned in the cab.
Thanks to ISOBUS technology, a single graphical console called a “Virtual Terminal”, located in the cab and now standard on all of the most modern tractors, can control any ISOBUS-compatible implement.
It can record data about production processes and apply varying doses of plant protection products based on prescription maps, using data from the navigation system (GPS).

Section valves from 10 to 16 on demand.