MicroBull – PRO II 200 18 Hp

The microBull® is an innovative tool holder combining compactness and power. On the one hand, it’s very particular drive train gives it both stability and traction, giving great load capacity with a bucket and pure pushing force, On the other hand, its dimensions make it a machine accessible to every task, inside or outside. Ideal for landscaping, renovation works, cleaning out horse boxes, …


  • Width of 75 cm
  • Lifting height of 200 cm
  • Length of 190 cm overall (with a multi-service bucket)
  • Weight of 695 kg
  • Vanguard engine twin-cylinder 18 HP petrol
  • Hydraulic pumps 15 + 15 + 30L / min
  • Hydraulic oil cooling
  • Professional Tracks (180 mm wide)
  • 2 speed
  • Ground clearance of 10 cm
  • Standard hydraulics
  • Professional two-component paint

A wide variety or attachments to choose from:

80L Bucket

130L Bucket

Digging bucket

Dung Fork

Bale spike 80cm

Hydraulic Leveling blade 80cm or 160cm wide

Ball hitch

Hedge cutter

Road sweeper

Rock breaker


And many more available

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