PERUZZO TB100 Wood Chipper
The PERUZZO TB100 wood chipper can be used to shred branches up to 10cm in diameter. Equipped with a VANGUARD 18hp Petrol engine , it combines compactness and large working volume, which makes it the suitable choice for small projects.
We have developed a system for attaching the chipper with the log grab, without having to hitch or unhitch a tool. The time saving is important, and allows you to literally take off the chipper in order to load it, for example, in a trailer.
The system can be adapted on request, to other types of tools or shredders (GREENMECH, …)
Manual movement of the chipper remains functional.

Technical specifications
– Weight 200 kg
– Dimensions open: 1720 x 760 x 1420 mm
– Capacity from 5 to 10 m3 / h

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