Arland Expert Sprayers

Tank capacities starting from 2600l – 3000l
Rinsing tank capacity 320l
Weight (empty) 2700 – 3200kg
Adjustable wheel base 1.80m to 2.25m
Pumps PM260-PM350-PM700
Boom widths from 21 meters to 32 meters

Frame :
Mechanically welded frame
Hydro-pneumatic axle suspension
Parallelogram with hydro-pneumatic suspension
Stainless steel bolts
Retractable hydraulic stand

Aluminium platform, retractable ladder and guardrail
If you are looking for a machine with the best improvements combining ease of use and precision, you will appreciate the ARLAND EXPERT.
The quality of the hydropneumatics suspension protects the machine in the most severe conditions of use, on the road or in the fields. This suspension is active regardless of the machine load. In addition, the design of the chassis and the tank allows the optimization of the turning of the wheels with the optional steering axle .