Rock Breaker for Microbull EPIROC® SB52
SolidBody Concept: Incorporates a percussion mechanism and a guide in the same special cast iron block, thus reducing the total number of parts. Components such as damping and guiding elements, the tie rods or the studs have been eliminated, thus allowing for an extremely thin and compact tool for easier handling. Low repair costs. Energy recovery: The recoil energy of the piston is automatically used to increase performance without additional hydraulic power while reducing vibrations. Automatic start: The hydraulic breaker starts without applying
load on the work tool, for greater maneuverability Patented tool locking system: The combination of a lock and a solid shaft for quick tool replacement. Integrated wiper seal to extend the life of the bushing and rods maintenance Integrated pressure relief valve to protect the machine from overloads

Technical specifications

Weight: 65 kg
Ø of tools: 40 mm
Number of strokes / minute: 750 to 1700
Acoustic power: 117 dB (A)