Sprayer 21 to 33 meters 2600L or 3000L
You are looking for a machine with the best improvements combining comfort of use and precision, you will appreciate the EXPERT ARLAND.

The quality of the hydropneumatic suspension preserves the machine under the most severe conditions of use, on the road or in the fields. This suspension is active regardless of the load of the machine. In addition, the design of the chassis and the tank allows the optimization of the steering of the wheels with the steering axle option .

Frame :

Mechanically welded chassis

Hydro-pneumatic axle suspension

Adjustable: from 1.50m to 2.25m

Parallelogram with suspension hydro-pneumatic

Stainless steel bolts

Retractable hydraulic kickstand

Aluminum platform, retractable ladder and railing


Height adjustable drawbar

Homokinetic cardan transmission

Park brake and hydraulic brakes

Tank capacity: 2600L / 3000L

Actual capacities: 2750L / 3200L

Tank type: polyethylene

Gauge: stainless steel direct reading float

Rinsing tank: 320L

Handwash: 15L (incorporated in the valve board)

Gyrolaveur: double rinsing head

Stirring: hydraulic with tank tundish

Regulation: SEAD

Enclosures: Genius / Genius + / Xenius or ISOBUS: T800 and T1200

Distribution: motorized valves

Manometer: with enlarged graduation Ø 100mm

Pump Type: Piston-diaphragms or centrifugal

Model: PM260 (260L / min with 2 “Camelock fitting), PM350 (350L / min with 2” Camelock fitting) or PC700 centrifugal pump (700L / min with 3 “Camelock fitting)

Implementation :Centralized valve table on the induction side

Induction hopper: 40L parallelogram mounted with telescopic bottle rinse and rinse nozzles for the tray

Filtration: main filter at the suction + a pressure filter + a filter bowl per boom section

Filling pipe 5m with strainer Ø50 (Ø60 on PC700)

External discharge with Camelock 2 ” connection

Wheel base: 9.5R48

Square axle of 100

Optional pump fairing

Road signs

Road gauge 2.55m

DREAL homologation