T28 70L Broadcaster

Metal chassis (epoxy paint), capacity 70 liters, polyethylene tank.

Two 12-volt electric motors: one to turn the spreading plate and the second a motor to open and close the electric trap.

24 meter working width covering up to 28 meter.

Easy and precise adjustment with a graduation from 0 to 35.Flow rate from 0 to 445 kg / hour.

Electric opening and closing of the trap.

Projection orientation control for optimal sowing.

Stands directly on the rack of the quad.

Working width of 28 meters covering up to 30/31 meters.

Easy setting with scale from 0 to 35 and flow from 0 to 445 kg / hour.

Electric closing opening trap, projection orientation control.

Be careful, the machine can’t operate without a control box (standard box or width adjustment).


A standard box with two switches, one for opening and closing the door and a second on/off switch with a red light.

Or a width adjustment control box with two switches with a potentiometer with a scale from 0 to 30 to adjust the width from 4 to 28 meters.

A 3-point coupling on the tractor lift.

A pre-drilled base to be welded to a tool.