Teyme Mounted Sprayers

Long resistance tanks made of high density polyethylene.
Main tank
Sanitary water tank
Rinsing tank

Oversized frame with compact and highly tough structure. Fully adapted to the new design of the machine to achieve the highest stability and lightness with a minimal weight.

Two levels of mixing (pressure/return), which warrant a steady and homogeneous mixture.

3 filtering levels, tank entry, suction and pressure.

Hydraulic booms with trijet nozzle-holders and mechanical blocking device.

12m x 2
14m x 2
15m x 3
16m x 3
18m x 3
21m x 3
Individual opening by sectors.
Self-leveler working by a pendular device.
Self-returning boom end when colliding with an obstacle.
Stable, resistant and easy-to-fold spraying booms with steel reinforced structure and aluminum ends to keep its solidity.