Sprayer Testing

Clever Agri Components Ltd offer Sprayer Testing Service in accordance with EU SUD Directive covered under Irish Legislation (S.I. no 155 of 2012). Clever Agri Components have vast experience in sprayer testing since 2015 and with this, offer an abundance of knowledge and experience in pesticide application.

At present Clever Agri Components have an approved Pesticide Equipment Inspector who can carry out sprayer testing in accordance with relevant requirements set out in the S.I. no 155 of 2012 (Sustainable Use of Pesticides) and to the standards set out in EN13790-1:2003 (Field Crop sprayers).

Sprayer Testing Requirements

Under Irish Legislation introduced (S.I. no. 155 of 2012) all Sprayers that are more than 5 years old having a boom width of >3m and all blast/orchard sprayers must be tested by 26 November 2016.

The initial test is valid for a maximum of 5 years once it is completed before 1 January 2020. Tests completed after 1 January 2020 will be valid for a maximum of 3 years. In relation to retests these will be completed depending on the initial year tested, see table for further information on retests.

In order to confirm the length of your sprayer, multiply the nozzle spacing by the number of nozzles, e.g. 7 nozzles x 0.5m spacing = 3.5m.

The basis of the test is to ensure all main components of the sprayer are tested. These include the boom, controls, pipes and hoses, pressure gauge (s), filters, nozzles, pump etc. The sprayer test verifies that your sprayer is in good working condition and ensures that plant protection products are applied evenly.  On completion of sprayer test the farmer/operator is provided with the resultant test report. If your sprayer fails to meet the criteria a further test will be complete within 28days.

For further information on testing requirements and listed inspectors please click the following link http://www.pcs.agriculture.gov.ie/sud/equipmentinspectors/

sprayer testing results

Benefits of Testing Sprayers

Several of the benefits to Sprayer Testing are as follows:

  • Reducing waste thus reducing costs

  • Ensures expensive plant protection products are applied evenly and at the correct rate

  • Certified Sprayers will reduce the risk to the environment

  • The risk of mid-season breakdown is reduced if your sprayer is tested

  • Testing your sprayer will protect you, your operators, employees and general public

  • Sprayers tested and passed will be certified as being in good working order and thus improve the potential resale value of your sprayer

Clever Agri Components Sprayer Testing

With a vast amount experience in both sprayers and sprayer testing, Clever Agri Components offer one stop service for Sprayer compliance. Our range of sprayer parts and our sole distribution of Geoline products assists in providing an efficient and effective service.

Our sprayer tester carries all the latest testing and diagnostic equipment allowing us to provide an efficient service. All testing equipment is calibrated on a regularly basis to ensure accuracy is achieved on sprayers being tested. Testing can be completed on your premises at a time that’s suitable for you.

Based in Tullow Co. Carlow and Midleton, Co. Cork allows Clever Agri Components to offer a nationwide service.

For more information or to book a test, please use the following contact details below;

Mobile: 085 1325313

Email: info@cleveragri.ie