Horizontal sweeper with side brush and tray
The sweeper for the microBull was designed to clean surfaces covered with
gravel, dust, green waste, straw, … with a working width of 80cm, allows for
collection of debris in the direction of forward travel. Side brush, vertical axis,
cleans the corners and angles (footpaths, bottom of walls, …) and to move the
debris towards the main brush. The ejection is done in a tilting front tray as to
empty the waste collected in a trailer.
The sweeper is mounted in floating position at the front of the microBull. The
sweeper requires use of a continuous hydraulic line from the microBull (only on
microBull PRO II 18CV (optional) or 23CV (standard) and 2 additional lines for
lifting of the brush and for emptying the recovery tray.
– Width 110 cm
– Working width 80 + 30cm
– Weight 100kg
– Tilting hopper for emptying while lifted
– Manoeuvrable side brush
– Weight 100 kg